The Reception area at our Naracoorte clinic provides a safe and caring environment where staff and clients are able to discuss health issues of their pets as well as handle many other client based transactions and purchases.

We stock a large range of Veterinary Diets and other accessories for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Our Clinics

At Naracoorte and Penola Veterinary Centres we pride ourselves on offering a high standard of care to all our patients, both big and small.

We have exceptional facilities at our two wonderful Clinics, and are fully equipped for all treatments.

Naracoorte Clinic

Consulting Rooms

Our Naracoorte Clinic contains two spacious consult rooms that provide a safe and secure environment for the Veterinarian to assess and treat your pet.

Surgical Theatre

The surgery at our Naracoorte Clinic is certainly a site to behold. It is a fully enclosed room with its own air conditioning system that allows us to provide an aseptically clean area that is well equiped to handle all types of routine and emergency surgeries.

Imaging Suite

The X-ray facilities at our Naracoorte Clinic are well suited to dealing with patients of all shapes and sizes. Our digital x-ray system allows us to have the images developed within minutes. The xray room is self contained and allows us to uphold a high level of OH&S when dealing with x-rays.  We also have a portable ultrasound machine which can be used for both large and small animals.


Our Naracoorte branch is able to offer a range of basic laboratory services, from Faecal Egg Counting to Blood Testing.

Prep Room

Our Prep room consists of a large area where we are able to prepare patients for surgery as well as perform minor proceedures that do not require an aseptically clean surgery room.  As this room also has a lot of staff passing through it we have recovery cages where we are able to contain post-surgery or high risk cases in order to keep them under near constant monitoring.

Cat Ward and Isolation

Our clinic boasts two seperate wards in which we house our patients. Our cat ward allows our feline friends to be kept in a safe and secure environment, and help to minimise the stress they may undergo if they were contained in the same ward as out canine companions.  Our cat ward also contains a specially built Isolation cage which allows us to house any highly contagious cases and minimise the risk of transfering this condition to any other patients.

Dog Ward

Our second ward is for our Canine Companions. This ward contains multiple cages of different size, including two large indoor runs for our larger patients.

Exercise Yard

At our clinic we know how important exercise is for our patients. We have a fully enclosed backyard with a grassy area that allows our patients to be walked in a safe environment.  Our outdoor area also contains multiple large concrete runs that can house dogs or cats. They allow our patients to be housed in a larger enclosure whilst still maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Equine Facilities

Our Naracoorte Clinic has an undercover horse crush that allows our Veterinarians to safely work with horses and treat them for many different medical conditions in a secure environment. The shed floor is lined to minimise the stress on the patients feet if they require lengthy treatment.

Equine Boarding

At out Naracoorte Clinic we pride ourselves in being able to offer a full service for all our patients. We are able to offer hospitalisation for horses that require ongoing daily treatment and have multiple yards of different sizes as well as a small stable for those that need a little extra protection from the elements.

Penola Clinic

Consulting Rooms

The consult room at Penola Veterinary is well set up to deal with pets both big and small. It provides a safe environment for the veterinarian to look over each patient and discuss any issues that the client may have.

Surgical Theatre

Though the surgery at our Penola Clinic may look small it is not to be underestimated.  It is fully equipped to handle all routine surgeries as well as many emergency procedures that may arise.

X-ray Room

The Penola Clinic is well set up to take x-rays. With a separately contained room the practice is able to uphold high levels of OH&S in regards to diagnostic imaging.


The Penola Clinic has two individual wards wich allow us to easily sperate our patients as required. Both these rooms are secure and heated, providing safe and comfortable housing for all our patients.