Kitten Adoption Program

Kitten Adoption Program

The Naracoorte & Penola Veterinary Centre’s run an Adoption Program for lost or stray cats and kittens.

These animals are generally brought in by concerned members of the public, who have found them in unsuitable places or trapped them as they are straying onto private property and causing a disturbance to domestic cats.

These animals are always checked for identification, such as a microchip, tattoo’s or collars. This is why it is recommended that your cat (or dog) is microchipped – so we can always get them back home to you!

There is a huge feral cat problem in both our towns and we feel that by running the Adoption Program we are doing our best to provide a service to the community. All cats and kittens undergo a behaviour and health check to ensure they are suitable candidates to enter the program.

Before being adopted they have flea and worm control applied, been microchipped and had at least their first vaccination. If the cat is old enough, they will also have been desexed, for young kittens the desexing will be paid for in the adoption fee and the procedure done once the animal is 6mths old.

If you are unable to adopt a kitten but would like to help our cause, please feel free to donate to the Stray Animal Fund box on our front counters.